Tips for using money while not taking advantage of life

Many people associate economics with deprivation of desires, social life and fun and so they bother with terms like “save” and “cut expenses.” However, consciously using money has nothing to do with restricting leisure, just make good choices.

It is possible to enjoy life without spending rivers of money.

Plan to spend without guilt

Plan to spend without guilt

Much of the unnecessary spending happens because of lack of planning: you do not know how much you can spend and you will only get the notion of the error at the end of the month when you are in a “tight” situation. Therefore, it is important to define how much of your salary can be used for leisure, including weekend trips, movies, trips to restaurants and others. Also, stipulate a value to be saved monthly to get you to carry out larger activities, such as a vacation trip.

Search and find

Search and find

Before traveling, choosing which cinema to go to, when you go out to a party or restaurant, search for the best prices. Often, hot spots are more expensive just because they are better known and not because they offer superior quality.

Another way to find lower prices is to use collective purchasing services. But remember that you should choose sparingly not to burst your intended amount for leisure.

Do not forget the free options: many cultural venues offer exhibitions, cinema shows, plays, dance shows and music at no cost. Such places also bring activities at a lower value compared to the entrance of the theater and the theater of a mall, for example.

Evaluate the cost benefit


On the other hand, things that cost less are not always cheaper in the end. When buying goods you want, always compare the price with the quality of the product, because in the end what lasts longer or works better may be worth more than the cheaper version. The same goes for tours and trips. When looking for a hotel, for example, it might be worth paying a little extra in the daily rates and not have to worry about things like breakfast and transportation if the lodging has a good location and the meal included. When closing deals, always evaluate all aspects involved in value.

Have priorities

Priorities are very important when it comes to winning our desires and keeping our accounts up to date. In addition to the essential expenses, it is important to consider other accounts that are not very necessary, but which is of greater importance to you. If you would like to take an international trip on your vacation, it may be worth giving insured weekend departures for a few months to ensure that this dream comes to fruition. And if you dream of learning a language, playing an instrument, or practicing a sport, think about how to cut costs and earn extra income from these classes. Have a definite focus and always think of it before you go out spending more than you can.

Keep an eye on promotions

There’s always a bar with a double draft beer, a liquor store, a resort with special prices in the off-season, the cheap show. It’s all about being attentive and knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities. For this it is important to have self-control and be faithful to your goals during these acquisitions. Nothing to take what you do not need because it was cheap or squander on the shopping trip because you saved on reservations!

With a lot of planning, attention and self-control you will be able to have fun, go out, travel, shop and eat well without compromising your income and even end up with the positive savings balance to realize those slightly more expensive dreams such as an apartment or a new car, you know?


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